Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cross-reference create is taking long time but not completed (Never ending)

I tried to update the cross-reference, but the cross-reference update progress is not completed. It is only showing that it is in progress.

To create/update the cross-reference, in the development workspace, open the Tools menu, and then click Cross-reference > Periodic > Update

I have referred into this link to solve this issue. But, I couldn’t complete a single step. Because, the cross-reference update is not completed.

After that, I have noticed that the cross-reference progress dialog box is not showing the proper status. When the cross-reference is updating, in the progress window, we could able to find that which object is in progress.

I have checked that the following cross-reference table’s rows count from SQL Server Management Studio. The table rows are inserted.

So, this is a problem.

The cross-reference update is running based on the batch job. When we call the cross-reference update, it will create a batch job and starting that batch job. If the batch is not updating or showing waiting status not showing the executing status then cross-reference progress box won’t show any updated message. Simply it will display the update animation never complete.

The problem is that incremental CIL have some issue. I cleared the XppIL folder files, full CIL and did the incremental CIL. Incremental CIL is running successful.

I again started the cross-reference update process. It worked fine.

If the batch job is working fine, then the cross-reference will work.

Note: The cross-reference may take long time based on the server performance at first time.

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