Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Take a backup of particular tables data in SQL

Some cases we need to delete the data from the table. We can delete the record from AX or directly from SQL database by using delete SQL. Before delete the record, we are checking more than 3 times. Because, it is all business data.

If we have deleted the wrong data, we can’t revert back if you weren’t take the backup before delete. So backup process is necessary before do the delete operation. Database backup and restore will take more time. Instead of taking a whole database backup we can take a particular table data backup before do the delete operation for a particular table.

We can take the table data backup through SQL Server Management Studio. SSMS having an option for table data backup.

Here, I will share the screenshots step by step.

Select the table(s) that you want to take a backup

Mention the backup SQL file path.

Select the data only option

To restore the data, you can open the output SQL file in SQL Server Management Studio and connect the server and execute the SQL file script.

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