Thursday, August 11, 2016

Recreate development environment from stage environment

When we install AX hotfix, first we need to install in development. Once it is installed and tested successfully then we can move to stage and everything is fine in stage then we can move to production by using model store deployment. This is the best practices suggested by Microsoft.
But, sometimes the hot fixes are installed directly on stage and production not in development then we will face objects version issue. If mismatch hotfix between stage and development is only one, we can install hotfix directly in development. But, if it is more than, we need to install one by one.

Instead of installing missing hotfixes one by one, we can recreate the development environment from stage environment by using two methods.
  1. Model store move
  2. Restoring the database and work on the settings section

For the first method,

  1. we need to do the model store move with id conflict overwrite option from stage to development
  2. Full CIL
  3. Incremental CIL
  4. You may face the id conflict issue when you do the database synchronization. Id conflict issue is AOT and SQL database table id/ field id is different. What we need to do is update/match the AOT id in SQL table manually. You could get more detail into the link To update through AX with multiple tables, you might refer into the link
I got the below error message when I did the synchronization. The message saying that field id is already using by another field.
Illegal data conversion from original field PURCHPARAMETERS.TestField to PURCHPARAMETERS.ProductReceiptCharges: Unable to convert data types to anything but character field type (0 to 4).

This method is already explained in “Deploying customizations across Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 environments” white paper in the topic “Recreate the staging environment from the production system”. You could download the whitepaper into this link

For the second method, you can refer into this link

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