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Navigation helps the end user to navigate to forms or reports easily. In AX navigation are grouped by application modules. For example the accounts receivable navigation found under the Application receivable module. We can add new forms or reports in the navigation. It will reflect in the area page or navigation pane. The list page and area page are navigation pages. Navigation pages means this pages contains links to other pages. We can separate the navigation section by the followings.

Address bar

Address bar is displayed in the top of the page like the browser's address bar. It displays the the address very friendly to the end user to understand the form flows. For example: Accounts receivable\Common\Customers. We can't change the order of the menus and menus text directly in the address bar but, we can change these by changing the menus and menu items. Address bar contains forward, back and history buttons.

Application module

Application module is a collection of business functionality is mapped together. For example, accounts receivable is a application module, this module contains the accounts receivable related activity forms and reports. We can navigate or change to another application module by clicking the drop down of the address bar or by using the navigation pane.

Area page

Area page is the main and first page to the application module. The area page contains the links to the forms or reports. All forms and reports links are together in the area page.

List page

List page is a page that displaying the data in the grid. The user can open the details page (content page) by double clicking the data of the list page. The list page is also consider as navigation page.

The design elements of a list page

Content page

Content page is the details page of the information. The insert or update screens is also called as content page. It displays the content of the information. For example customer creation forms is the content page. Sometimes, the content page is opened from the list pages. The content page may contains action pane, grid and datasources.

Navigation pane

Navigation pane displays left side in the application workspace (AX client). It display the selected application modules forms and reports links. It helps the end user to navigate to the form or reports easily. This navigation pane has the following sections. Please be careful to choose the following section when you add the newly customized forms or reports. For example, if you want to add the customized setup form, please choose the setup section and add your form under this section. So, the user don't  get confused.
  • Favorites
  • Area page
  • Common
  • Journal
  • Inquiries
  • Reports
  • Periodic
  • Setup


The end user can add mostly using forms and reports under the favorites section by right clicking on the forms or reports link and select the add to favorites menu options. By using this favorites, the user no need to spend more time to find the mostly using forms.

Area page

Area page section links for navigate to area page.


This section contains the mostly using forms. So, the user no need to find in other sections.


Journal related forms are listed under this section


Inquiry related forms are listed under this section


All reports are listed under this section.


The forms that used to run based on the schedule like monthly, weekly or daily.


Setup related forms are listed under this section. The setup forms contains the parameters to achieve the business logic.

Role center page

Role center page is the first or main page to the Enterprise portal. For more information about the role center page, please refer this link.

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