Sunday, August 10, 2014

MorphX and Intellimorph

MorphX & IntelliMorph:

Here, i explain what is MorphX and IntelliMorph in AX 2012.


MorphX is an integrated development environment (IDE) of Microsoft Dynamics AX. MorphX is used to modify forms, reports, tables, menus, etc. If we need to create or modify (customize) AX objects like forms and reports we need to use this MorphX IDE. MorphX IDE only works if you installed the developer license in your Microsoft Dynamics AX.

MorphX is an easy tool to developer. The developer can create forms, menus, tables, manage labels and reports in easy manner by using this IDE.

X++ is a object oriented programming language. It is used in MorphX IDE.

Please refer the below link for full details about MorphX.


IntelliMorph is an runtime environment in Microsoft Dynamics AX. It helps lot to developer. It works that how user interface is displayed to the user. I mean the appearance. The developer adding the fields in the forms but the IntelliMorph technology is displaying the fields in the form with correct appearance like width, height, etc.. So, it reduces the developers work. The developer no need to worry about how the controls appears on the forms and reports.

For example:
If the developers set column width to the width property of the the grid mean the grid width should appear based on the form's width. Mean the grid occupy the full width of the form or parent control width. As per this settings the IntelliMorph works to display the grid in the full size.

Everything related about appearance of the form is managed by IntelliMorph.


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